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6 Tips to Make Your Makeup Last the Night

Have an event coming up that you need your makeup to last the night for? Follow these tips to get the most longevity out of your event makeup:

1. Perfect your skin prep

Getting your makeup to last the whole is night is about 90%* skin prep, 10% everything else (These stats are completely made up, it is not an exact science, but skin prep is very important!). No matter how expertly applied your makeup is, if the skin hasn’t been prepared correctly, you’re not going to get the results you’re looking for. Knowing the condition of your skin and what it needs will go a long way in getting your makeup to last the whole night.

Some of my favourite skin prep products include:

If you have a super special event, like a wedding, speak to a skin specialist on how to best prepare your skin.

2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Ever wonder why it’s harder to get your makeup to last when you’re hungover? Dehydration means your skin is going to suck up anything you put on it. This includes your foundation, concealer and blush! It can also mean that your skin will overcompensate and produce extra oil, which can reduce the lasting power of your makeup. Stay hydrated well before your event with loads of water, green veggies and if you had a few cheeky wines the night before, a hydralyte or two never goes astray.

Product recommendations for hydration:

- Frank Green water bottle with straw (it’s a cult product for a reason!)

- Hydralyte Icy Poles, especially in Summer. Crush up a few to turn it into an easy to drink slushy

- If you’ve totally skipped on the staying-hydrated memo, layer up on your favourite hyaluronic acid in the skin prep stage. I like Boost Lab Hydro Boost Serum for a budget friendly option or Tatcha Dewy Skin Serum for something a little more bougie

3. Avoid touching your face

Seems like a simple one, but we can unknowingly touch our faces up to 16 times an hour! There’s no setting spray in the world that’s going to protect your perfect, glowing base from a palm being wiped across the cheek. Even a stay-all-day lipstick will smudge if you are continuously rubbing a finger over it. If you do need to scratch an itch, tap the area lightly with the tip of your nail to lightly pat the area.

4. Pat, don’t wipe

This rule applies for tears, sweat and rouge champagne sprays. Use a tissue or cotton tip (or a beauty blender if you’re feeling fancy) to lightly dry the area, rather than wiping away. By using a patting motion, you’re less likely to remove any makeup or move it out of place. Rather it is pressed back into the skin (the same way it was applied). A folding fan is also an excellent, and very chic, way to push back tears or to dry/reduce sweat.

5. Set & Refresh

Setting your makeup effectively will give your makeup the best chance of success for lasting through the night. Using a combination of setting powders and sprays throughout your makeup application means you can have long lasting makeup without compromising on the finish.

It’s important to note that some makeup styles and looks, simply won’t last without a bit of a refresh throughout the day (I’m looking at you, glossy lids). This is especially true if you’re an expressive person. With movement, comes movement. If you’re a chronic eyebrow raiser, scowler, squinter or have exceptionally smiley eyes, you’re likely to get a few creases throughout the day.

The good news? Well, there’s two bits of good news:

1. You care about these creases a lot more than anyone else

2. They are very easily refreshed.

Use your finger to lightly pat over the area. This will warm up the makeup and set it back into place. If you have a touch up kit on hand, you can do the same using some setting spray, a dab of concealer and a beauty blender for extra hold. Setting spray can also be used throughout the day to refresh your makeup look if you’re dehydrated or to avoid overheating (and therefore sweating) on hot Summer days.

My favourite setting sprays are:

Setting Powders:


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