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Laurie Boring: makeup artist who makes art

Hello and Welcome,

So I’m sure if you’ve gotten this far, you’re wondering. ‘Is her name really Laurie Boring?’


And the answer to that is… no.


My birth name is Laura. You can call me Laura, Laurie or LB and I will respond to any or all of those. I’d prefer if you didn’t call me Lauren, but to honest, I’ll respond to that too.

Now that’s been sorted out, let’s discuss what I can do for you.

Primarily I am a makeup artist, but I am also:

  • A collage artist

  • A graphic designer

  • A digital content creator/illustrator

  • A visual communicator

I have been working as a makeup artist for over 10 years. With experience in retail, bridal, commercial, tv & film, fashion, runway, advertising and editorial, I have confidence in a wide variety of makeup styles. In saying that, my love for natural beauty runs deep. Give me fresh glowing skin and a fluffy brow any day of the week.

Makeup sparked my love for communication and it has been a joy to explore that in the design world. From beauty illustration to branding, collage to content creation I am passionate about creating meaningful, aesthetically pleasing design.

Feel free to email me with any and all of your questions. I look forward to working together.

All the best,

  • There is never a bad time to show me a picture of your dog

  • My birth name is Laura. You can call me Laurie, LB or Laura. I’d prefer if you didn’t call me Lauren

  • Yes, I’d love a coffee. Thanks

Important stuff
  • Love natural makeup (but I’m not afraid of a graphic liner)

  • Makeup & art are about communication & creativity

  • Email me, I’ll answer all of your questions

Other stuff
  • Diploma of Screen & Media

  • Over 10 years makeup experience

  • Bachelor of Communication Digital Media

Boring stuff

laurie x.

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