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Make the Most of your Wedding Day: Start Early!

Waking up early on your wedding day to get your hair and makeup done can seem daunting, especially if you’re not usually a morning person. But, let me tell you, an early start can actually be a really good thing! Here are five reasons why you should embrace the early start:

1. You’ll probably be awake anyway

One question I always ask brides on their wedding day is ‘how did you sleep?’ and more often than not, the answer is ‘I didn’t’ or ‘Really well, but I woke up wide awake at 4am’. The excitement, nerves, and anticipation of the day means that it’s almost impossible to sleep in. Starting your day early (and everyone else’s) means that rather than lying in bed awake with your own thoughts, you'll be able to get up and start preparing for the day with your friends and family.

2. More time for touch ups

A common concern about starting hair and makeup early is wondering whether or not it will last the day. It might sound counter-productive, but starting early gives your hair and makeup artist the best idea of how it will last. If a bridesmaid’s makeup still looks the same at 2pm as it did when it was applied at 7am or 8am, you can be pretty confident that it’s going to look the same at 2am.

3. It keeps things relaxed

The last thing you want to feel on your wedding day is rushed. Getting an early start on your wedding day helps you stay relaxed and allows you to enjoy the morning with your bridal party. You won't have to worry about feeling rushed or behind schedule, which can play a number on your nerves. Taking your time getting ready, helps you to stay calm and focused throughout the day.

4. Staying present

Many newlyweds often feel as though their wedding day flew by too quickly. When you get ready early, you have time to take in the moment and appreciate the significance of the day fully. You're able to spend time quality time with your loved ones without feeling like you're running out of time. Being present and fully engaged in the moment makes the day even more special and memorable.

5. More time for eating and drinking

The excitement and anticipation of the day means it can be easy to forget to eat or drink. Waking up early means you have plenty of time to remind yourself (or be reminded) to have some snacks and drink water. My top tip is to have snack table with bite sized snacks that you can lightly graze on throughout the morning and to add hydrolyte to your water so you keep hydrated but drink less fluid.

So, if you find yourself with an early morning prep call, don't worry. Put someone in charge of doing a coffee run (or two) and get excited about having more time to soak up every moment of your big day!

Unsure of what time you'll need to start on your wedding day? Send an email to


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