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What To Wear To The Eras Tour

Because I’ve been absolutely incapable of thinking of anything other than Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour for the last week, I’ve put together a bunch of hair, makeup and outfit inspo, so you don’t have to.

Key things to remember when planning your outfit: it’s a long show, so make sure whatever you choose, you feel comfortable enough to jump, dance and scream each bridge for three hours. Also if you’re headed to a Melbourne or Sydney show, it’s likely to be HOT (actually in Melbourne the weather is anyone’s guess, you’re on your own kid). So if you’re not good in the heat, wear something that will keep you cool and comfy.

I've split each board by album, however, there's obviously a lot of overlap with hair, makeup and outfit inspiration, so here is a mixed board of ideas that combine all the eras:

1. Debut

Hair & Makeup Notes: Fresh, glowing skin, natural, effortless hair, softly flushed cheeks and hydrated lips

Outfit Suggestions: Country-core inspired dresses, denim cut offs, cowboy hats, tiaras and cowboy boots

Song Inspiration: Picture to Burn, Tear Drops On My Guitar, Our Song

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2. Fearless

Hair & Makeup Notes: Curly hair, gold eyeliner, shimmery gold skin, hair accessories

Outfit Suggestions: Fringe skirts, jackets or dresses in metallic gold, sparkly cowboy boots with diamante trims.

Song Inspiration: Love Story, Today Was A Fairytale, You Belong With Me

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3. Speak Now

Hair & Makeup Notes: High ponytails, lilac shimmer eyeshadow and winged liner

Outfit Suggestions: Princess dresses, matching purple sets, John Mayer is the worst oversized t-shirt.

Song Inspiration: Enchanted, Haunted, Mine, The Story Of Us

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4. Red

Hair & Makeup Notes: Bold red lip, fresh skin and a sharp winged liner. Low buns with red ribbons or a loose ponytail and red cap

Outfit Suggestions: Not A Lot Going On At The Moment shirt, red monochromatic outfits, patent red (faux) leather skirts, an oversized shirt with All Too Well lyrics printed, a red scarf and red cowboy boots.

Song Inspiration: All Too Well (10min Version), 22, Starlight, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

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5. 1989

Hair & Makeup Notes: Boyfriend Taylor hair, red lip and fresh skin

Outfit Suggestions: Harry Styles inspired outfits, a white plain white shirt for everyone to write their names on it, a wine stained dress

Song Inspiration: Welcome To New York, Blank Space, Style, Bad Blood, Clean

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6. Reputation

Hair & Makeup Notes: Black graphic eyeliner, deep ombre red lip, sleek or wet look hair

Outfit Suggestions: Snakes, snakes and more snakes. Also newspaper print. Keep your colour palette to red, black and emerald green. Anything that makes you feel like your baddest self.

Song Inspiration: I Did Something Bad, King Of My Heart, Look What You Made Me Do

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7. Lover

Hair & Makeup Notes: Rosy cheeks, love hearts, beehives, pink gems and dip dyed hair

Outfit Suggestions: Oversized, bedazzled blazers, anything and everything pink, pastel and pride, Union Jack inspired clothing, love hearts, love hearts and more love hearts.

Song Inspiration: ME!, The Man, London Boy, Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince

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8. Folklore

Hair & Makeup Notes: Braided hair, natural windswept curls, fresh makeup with a muted red lip and soft brown eyeliner.

Outfit Suggestions: Rebecca inspired flowing dresses with your neighbour’s dog that you dyed key lime green, mirrorball inspired reflective tops, skirts and dresses, anything you could imagine wearing to your cabin on the lake.

Song Inspiration: the last great american dynasty, mirrorball, mad woman

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9. Evermore

Hair & Makeup Notes: natural, effortless hair and makeup with notes of green and bronze. Ivy or green ribbons intertwined in hair.

Outfit Suggestions: Flowy, fresh and intricately embellished statement pieces in bronze, green and champagne tones.

Song Inspiration: willow, champagne problems, ivy, no body, no crime, cowboy like me

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10. Midnights

Hair & Makeup Notes: Navy eyeliner, silver and champagne smokey eyes, a sleek, shimmery middle part and star shaped glitter.

Outfit Suggestions: best believe you’re bejeweled! Think: Stars, sparkles and navy blue.

Song Inspiration: Lavender Haze, Maroon, Midnight Rain, Bejeweled, Karma

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We were lucky enough to get tickets for Melbourne N3, so I’ll be unavailable for bookings Sunday 18th Feb. However, if you want to book in for Melbourne N1 (Friday 16th Feb) or N2 (Friday 17th Feb), I’ll be working out of The Salon Geelong.

Click here to submit an enquiry and let me know which era you’re going as!


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