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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Bridal Trial

Get Inspired

Research and collect images of styles of makeup that you love. Stalk your artists instagram and website for references and add them to your moodboard. Photos can be really helpful in communicating to your artist the look you are after. Every person has a different understanding of what they consider to be ‘natural’ or ‘glam’ makeup. Having a visual reference ensures everyone is on the same page.

An additional tip: choose images with people who have similar features to you and avoid anything that has been heavily photoshopped.

It also doesn’t hurt to include images of other elements of your day, especially if you’re unsure of how you want to do for your wedding makeup. Seeing the venue, flowers, table setting and wedding cake inspo pics, can help give your artist a better sense of the vibe you’re going for and they can suggest looks that will complement the overall theme of your wedding.

Dress Rehearsal – treat it like it’s your wedding day!

Just like a rehearsal dinner, your wedding makeup trial is designed to give you a preview of how things will look and feel on the big day. If you plan on changing things up from your usual routine before, do the same before your makeup trial. Things like a spray tan, lash lift, brow lamination and skincare routine can all affect how you look and feel in your makeup (especially if they’re not something you usually do).

In saying this, we all live busy lives and getting your lash, brow, skin and tanning appointments to line up isn’t always possible. However, it’s important to communicate these things to your artist so they can explain how things may appear differently on the day.

Communication is Key

It’s important to note you do not need to know exactly what you want for your wedding makeup or be a makeup expert before your bridal makeup trial. Your artist is there to help guide you in designing your perfect wedding makeup look.

However, being able to communicate clearly with your artist is vital to ensuring you get the most out of your makeup trial. When you are showing your artist your inspiration pictures, describe what you like about each one.

Really analyse what you like about each image. Is it the colour of the blush? The depth of the eyeliner? The lip colour? Also talk about how you want to feel in your makeup, describe your usual makeup routine and explain what you like (or don’t like) when it comes to how your makeup looks and feels.

Be clear and honest with how you are feeling and if you’re unsure about something, now is the time to test it out. If you think you want a bit more blush, test it out. If you think you want some more lashes, test it out. Your trial is the time to feel things out and sometimes working out what you don’t want, can help you decide more confidently on what you do want.

Make plans

It might not always be possible to line your trial up with an event, but I’m a firm believer you don’t need a special occasion to celebrate. Plan a date night, go out for dinner or get together with your bridal party for a night of cocktails and some wedding chat. This will give you the best idea of how comfortable you feel in your makeup and to see how well it wears. The perfect excuse to get dressed up, take a million photos, make some memories and see your future bridal makeup in action.

To book in for your bridal makeup trial please submit an enquiry here.


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