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How To Choose The Perfect Lip Colour

Maybe you’re in the middle of planning your wedding makeup, or maybe you simply want to freshen up your look with a new lip colour. Whatever the reason, here is a simple guide to help you choose the perfect lip colour. Step One Whatever lip colour you want to wear, is the perfect shade for you. The End. I don’t care what your skin colour is, or your eye colour or your hair colour – whatever you feel most comfortable in, is what you will look best in. It’s as simple as that. In saying that, if there is a shade that you absolutely love, but don’t feel comfortable wearing yet (say a bright red for example) here are a few tips on how you can work up to ‘finding’ the perfect shade.

Try a sheer version

Jumping straight into wearing a full coverage, long wearing bold lip colour can be confronting if you’re not used to it. I still remember the first time I wore a red lipstick I wanted to cry, then I went on to wear it every day for years.

Try starting with a sheer version of your favourite colour, like a lip tint or a gloss. This can help to ease you into seeing yourself in a new shade. Use this same colour and blend onto your cheeks and eyes to balance out your look and help you feel more comfortable wearing a new shade.

(NB: this tip doesn’t work so well with blues, greens, yellow or black -- you’ll just look diseased. These lip colours need straight up commitment)

Once you feel comfortable wearing your new colour, slowly build up the opacity with a lip liner until you’re in peak comfort zone territory.

Some of my favourite lip tints are:

Experiment with different shades and undertones

There are approximately 800 billion different lipsticks on the market, so don’t give up if you don’t fall in love with the first two you try. If your dream wedding makeup is a bronzed smokey eye with a bold orange lip, but it feels too strong, try by starting with a burnt orange or a soft peach and work your way up from there.


Don’t judge a colour by its finish.

A frosted hot pink lip isn’t for everyone, but that isn’t to say you won’t love the same colour in a high shine or semi-matte finish. In the same way that the thought of black vinyl pants might make your palms sweaty, but black denim jeans are a wardrobe staple. Just like clothes, what your product is made of will ultimately change the look of the product.

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